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Bridging Altruism to Strategy in OA Book Publishing Workshop

Published onApr 23, 2024
Bridging Altruism to Strategy in OA Book Publishing Workshop

We invite you to register for the workshop “Bridging Altruism To Strategy in OA Book Publishing: How Libraries Can Close Funding Gaps to Support a Bibliodiverse Global Shared Collection.”

Register for the workshop here which takes place on Wed 1st May at 11 am EST.

Lyrasis in collaboration with the Copim Open Book Futures project invites you to an event that will explore how libraries can better respond to the strategic and practical challenges of supporting bibliodiverse futures for open access (OA) book publishing. The event will focus in particular on the new and distinct strategies required to connect the dots between different aspects of library workflows, from ensuring quality of content, to collections development, to rendering content – and especially open access content – discoverable and available for users. This is an opportunity to join a collective endeavor to close funding gaps to promote bibliodiversity and cultivate a sustainable global shared collection. The workshop is designed to empower librarians with the knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges of evaluating and assessing the impact of OA initiatives effectively, to foster informed decision-making that not only shapes the future of publishing but also contributes to the broader landscape of OA practices and research dissemination. Participants will engage in dynamic discussions, gain practical insights, and collaborate on strategies that bridge the gap between altruistic aspirations and strategic actions.

The workshop will be conducted in two parts. 

Part 1 - Asking the Right Questions

How can librarians position bibliodiversity in the investments they make and in their discovery services? What questions should librarians be asking to promote bibliodiversity and equity in open access book publishing? How can individual libraries contribute to the larger goal of fostering a diverse and sustainable global collection?

Part 2 - Strategic Planning for Bibliodiversity

How can Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility be included in evaluation criteria? What resources can libraries identify that support bibliodiversity, both in terms of publishers and infrastructure providers? What cost-effective solutions can we develop for improving support, even when direct support to publishers might not be feasible?

This workshop offers a chance to be an active participant in the growing discussion around library strategies, and what role they should play in shaping the landscape and infrastructure of scholarly publishing.


Annie Johnson, Associate University Librarian, University of Delaware 

Annie Johnson is the Associate University Librarian for Publishing, Preservation, Research, and Digital Access at the University of Delaware Library, Museums, and Press. Her portfolio includes the digital initiatives and preservation department, library information technology, and the University of Delaware Press. Annie works to further open access, open education, and open data at the University of Delaware and beyond.

Ellen Dubinsky, Scholarly Communication Librarian / Scholarly Communication unit lead, The University of Arizona

Ellen Dubinsky is the Scholarly Communication Librarian at the University of Arizona, where she advocates for the broadest possible dissemination of the University of Arizona community’s scholarly output. Partnering with colleagues within the Libraries and throughout the campus, Ellen works to promote a culture of open scholarship and support sustainable approaches to scholarly content creation, dissemination, and stewardship.

Sarah Chomyc (she/her), Collection Strategies Librarian, University of Alberta

Sarah Chomyc is one of the Collection Strategies Librarians at the University of Alberta Library (UAL), and her primary focus is on monograph acquisitions. While managing the ongoing acquisition of publisher frontlists, Sarah also explores options for the UAL to participate in and support open access initiatives. 

Harrison W. Inefuku, Scholarly Publishing Services Librarian, Iowa State University Library

Harrison W. Inefuku is the Scholarly Publishing Services Librarian at the University Library at Iowa State University. He manages the Iowa State University Digital Press, Iowa State’s library publishing program. Prior to launching the press, Harrison launched and managed the Iowa State University Digital Repository.

Banner Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash 
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