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An Introduction to our Documentation Site

An Introduction to our Documentation Site
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Nov 04, 2019

Officially launched on November 1, 2019, the COPIM project will pilot a range of interventions toward open, transparent, sustainable, and community-governed infrastructures for the curation, dissemination, discovery, and long-term preservation of open content and open data, while developing equitable and resilient practices for integrating open content. For a comprehensive account of our project, please follow this link.

COPIM’s PubPub site will reflect our strategies and aims by serving as a space for open documentation. Herein we will chronicle our efforts in research and implementation as they occur. We invite you to utilize PubPub’s commenting and annotation system to converse with us, as well.

Please check back regularly for updates on our work and opportunities for participation as we take steps toward a more open and accessible infrastructure for monographs.


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