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Open Access: Where Next?

Published onDec 02, 2022
Open Access: Where Next?

This event aimed to spark engaging and future thinking conversations around open research and scholarly communication. With open access becoming the norm, participants asked whether it is fulfilling the initial promises of fairness and inclusivity and whether we are going in the right direction.

Many researchers are deeply dissatisfied with the current system of publishing and rewards, but it is not yet clear what feasible alternatives could dominate instead. Current open access business models could lead to profound inequalities across the globe, but an ecosystem of different solutions is emerging.  It is time to be bold in considering what we would like the future of academic publishing to look like, so we can take action to create that future. 

Video recording

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Deville, Joe. (2022, November 17). Processing Open Access Books. Open access: where next?, Homerton College, University of Cambridge. Zenodo.

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