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Open Access Monographs: Making Mandates Reality

A COPIM workshop in partnership with RLUK - video link and speaker slides

Published onJul 04, 2022
Open Access Monographs: Making Mandates Reality


COPIM - RLUK | Open Access Monographs: Making Mandates Reality

About this event

This half-day workshop galvanised a much-needed sector-wide conversation on OA monographs in the context of the UK’s policy landscape. Expert panels of speakers from the library, publishing and policy worlds outlined the current state-of-play and discussed how we can move to meet the imminent OA mandates from cOAlition S/Plan S in Europe and UKRI in the UK, and potential implications of the REF.

Featuring expert speakers from UKRI (Rachel Bruce) and Jisc (Caren Milloy), the event opened with a discussion of monograph policies and mandates before moving to an academic viewpoint from Professor Martin Eve (Birkbeck, University of London) who talked about various international OA funding models and the need to move quickly from pilot phases to business as usual.

The second half of the session touched briefly on the challenges of getting OA metadata into supply chains and systems often designed for closed books, and then discussed in more depth the concomitant challenges posed by metrics and reporting on OA books (Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Project Director at COUNTER). The afternoon closed with a view from the library perspective and expert speakers from the libraries at the Universities of York (Sarah Thompson), Aberdeen (Simon Bains) and Imperial College (Chris Banks) who spoke on how they are foregrounding OA at their institutions.

This turned out to be a crucial workshop for academic library colleagues and anyone involved in academic book publishing interested to know how the sector will meet the challenges of open access monographs. Candid discussion on OA book publishing - between libraries, publishers, funders and infrastructure providers - is urgently needed.


You can download a combined PDF of all the speaker slides using the link below:

All speakers’ slides can be downloaded individually via the deposit on COPIM’s Zenodo community, at:

  • Bruce, Rachel, Milloy, Caren, Eve, Martin Paul, Mellins-Cohen, Tasha, Bains, Simon, & Thompson, Sarah. (2022, June 23). Open Access Monographs: Making Mandates Reality, online.

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