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Launch of the new Thoth Open Metadata website

Unveiling the new website design and development, with two short walkthrough videos

Published onMay 14, 2024
Launch of the new Thoth Open Metadata website

In March 2024, the team at Thoth Open Metadata unveiled a new website, designed and developed by Thoth’s lead developer, Javier Arias. 

The website features a full book catalogue that directly implements a live Thoth Metadata feed. One of the standout features of our new catalogue is its robust filtering capabilities. Users have the freedom to refine their searches based on a myriad of criteria, from book status and publisher to language, book type, contributor affiliation, funder, or keyword.

The new catalogue has given every book and chapter its own dedicated page, offering a variety of formats for downloading metadata records, catering to both generic needs and platform-specific preferences.

A Thoth catalogue record, displaying rich metadata and the option to export in a variety of formats.

We have also introduced a dedicated page for downloading metadata records of the full catalogue from each publisher using Thoth.

At Thoth, we believe in the power of openness and collaboration. All our software is open source, allowing for transparency, community contributions, and continuous improvement. The website now also serves as an updated white-label template that can be re-used by any publisher or consortium. “White-label” in this context means that the website and underlying software serve as a fully-functional template that can be freely re-used by anyone interested in establishing their own publisher website. 

Beyond the website enhancements, we’re excited to announce recent updates to Thoth’s ecosystem. Our GraphQL API explorer (GraphiQL) has received a makeover, offering an even more intuitive interface for exploring data.

In order to showcase the new website features and functionality, we created two short video walkthroughs. These videos were influenced by our Copim colleague Simon Bowie’s recent short video walkthrough of the Experimental Publishing Compendium (a resource released in December 2023).

Part one of the demo series navigates the Thoth website, outlining the solutions we offer and tools and resources available for publishers, libraries and partners. 

Part 1 of the video demo series: Welcome to Thoth's new website.

Video also available on the Internet Archive and Youtube.

Part two navigates the Thoth interface. Publishers are provided with credentials to access the area where metadata for their books can be created and managed. The video demonstrates the set of data elements, controlled vocabularies and linked open data options that can enable publishers to create rich metadata records for dissemination.

Part 2 of the video demo series: Thoth's interface for publishers (demo).

Video also available on the Internet Archive and Youtube.

Following suit of the Experimental Publishing Compendium video, we created our Thoth videos using OBS Studio, available under the GPL-2.0 License. OBS Studio is free and open source software and incredibly easy to use for screen recording, as well as live streaming to platforms like YouTube or Twitch. 

We hope users will enjoy the shiny new Thoth website, its improved usability and functionality, and that the video walkthroughs will form a starting point for a demo series that we can build upon, to include more “how-to” explanations for users. 

If you are a publisher that would like to learn more about Thoth solutions, or a Library or OA provider that would like to work with us, do get in touch via [email protected] or visit

Header image by Jackson Sophat on Unsplash

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