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Fourth OA book funded by Opening the Future

COPIM project partner CEU Press releases new book funded entirely by library membership programme

Published onMar 03, 2022
Fourth OA book funded by Opening the Future

We’re pleased to announce that our project partner Central European University (CEU) Press has released another book, fully funded as open access through our Opening the Future project, thanks to library support. Published last week it is now available for free download and also available to buy in print.

Memory Crash: Politics of History In and Around Ukraine, 1980s-2010s by Georgiy Kasianov is a timely reminder that issues of the past worry people no less than issues of the present - with controversies around how a country’s history is interpreted often turning both public and state realms into battlefields of memory. This book is an account of the historical politics in Ukraine embedded within the broader European context, with lessons for countries beyond.

Opening the Future (OtF) at CEU Press is a cost-effective way for libraries to increase their digital collections on the history and culture of Central and Eastern Europe and the former communist countries. It is through this programme that the Press is able to make in-depth studies on universal issues available to a broader interested audience around the world.

Author Kasianov said “I have benefited from the open access program in my research work and I feel indebted. I sincerely believe that open access to scientific publications contributes worldwide to overcoming the inequalities that still exist in access to knowledge.” 

Subscribing OtF libraries get unlimited multi-user access to curated packages of backlist books, with perpetual access after three years. The Press uses membership funds to produce new frontlist titles in OA format like Georgiy Kasioanov’s important new work announced here. All OA titles are available via Project MUSE, OAPEN and the ORL, and are listed on DOAB.

If you would like to know more about Memory Crash you can find further information here and can download the eBook through the links below. If you’d like to know more about becoming a member of Opening the Future, you can read more about the programme and benefits here.

Further information

Memory Crash: Politics of History In and Around Ukraine, 1980s-2010
Georgiy Kasianov

Press contact: [email protected] - Emily Poznanski, CEU Press Director

ISBN: 978-963-386-380-0

February 2022, 420 pages, 4 tables

Print: $105.00 / €88.00 / £75.00

eBook: Open Access

PDF versions are freely available thanks to the libraries supporting CEU Press’s Opening the Future initiative

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