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A brief walkthrough of the Experimental Publishing Compendium

Presenting a brief video walkthrough of Copim's Experimental Publishing Compendium

Published onMar 25, 2024
A brief walkthrough of the Experimental Publishing Compendium

We’re pleased to unveil a video walkthrough of Copim’s Experimental Publishing Compendium. This video shows you around the Compendium showcasing how it arranges tools, practices, and books in the experimental publishing space, how it charts the relationships between these different elements, and showing some other useful features.

The video is embedded below as mp4 or is available for download from the Internet Archive in its original mkv format:

Since the Compendium was formally released in December 2023, several members of the Copim community have been asked about the Compendium when talking to publishers, library workers, and authors or after delivering presentations at conferences. We, in Copim’s Experimental Publishing Group, decided to create a short video that our colleagues could use to show the Compendium to any interested people.

The Compendium itself is open source software available under the MIT License at and this video was created using open source OBS Studio available under the GPL-2.0 License. OBS Studio is free and open source software for screen recording like this video or for live streaming to corporate platforms like’s Twitch or Google’s YouTube.

We hope to use this video as a starting point for discussions around experimental publishing and will continue to develop it as we grow the Compendium.

As of publication, voting is still open for the DH Awards 2023 where the Experimental Publishing Compendium is nominated in the ‘BEST DH TOOL OR SUITE OF TOOLS’ category. Until 30 March 2024, you can vote for us and the other great digital humanities work highlighted this year at (scroll to the bottom of the page to vote).

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