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Announcing CEU Press’s fifth OA book

Fifth book funded by Opening the Future library membership programme

Published onMar 18, 2022
Announcing CEU Press’s fifth OA book

Everyday Life under Communism and After: Consumption and Lifestyle in Hungary, 1945–2000
Tibor Valuch

Central European University (CEU) Press is pleased to announce the publication of a new book this week: Everyday Life under Communism and After: Consumption and Lifestyle in Hungary, 1945–2000 by Tibor Valuch. It is a fascinating look at how common people lived in Hungary during, and after, tumultuous regime changes. 

In this assessment of everyday life under communism and the post-communist period Valuch poses a series of questions. Who could be called rich or poor? How did people accommodate their lifestyles to the political and social system and how did their ways of living change with the beginning and the end of state socialism? How did everyday furnishings, clothing, income and consumption mirror the structure of the society and its transformations? Based on micro-histories, statistical data, population censuses and surveys it’s a fascinating insight into how common people lived their daily lives, touching on the food they ate, the clothes they wore, the shops they used, and the wages they received. 

Valuch’s book will be published in Open Access (OA) format which means it will be freely accessible for download by anyone, anywhere. It is the fifth OA monograph to be published by CEU Press and has been funded entirely by the Press’s collective library membership initiative called Opening the Future.

The author said, “I am very pleased that my new book will participate in CEU Press' innovative new OA funding program. As an author, I believe it is important that everyone has equal access to new knowledge. As a historian, I have always strived to reach the widest possible audience with my writings and books. The Press’s OA program will help me to do this.”

Opening the Future at CEU Press is a cost-effective way for libraries to increase their digital collections on the history and culture of Central and Eastern Europe and the former communist countries. Subscribing libraries get unlimited multi-user access to curated packages of backlist books, with perpetual access after three years. The Press uses membership funds solely to produce new frontlist titles like Everyday Life under Communism and After in OA format. All OA titles are available via Project MUSE, OAPEN, and the ORL.

More information on Opening the Future can be found on the website, or contact Emily Poznanski, CEU Press Director, on [email protected]


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