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Opening the Future... in 60 seconds

An animated video explaining our collective funding model for OA monographs

Published onDec 01, 2021
Opening the Future... in 60 seconds

Our two pilot presses - CEU Press and Liverpool University Press - recently set us the challenge to explain our collective funding model in only 60 seconds. So we made an animated video - see what you think below:

60 second animation explaining Opening the Future

If you’d like to know more about Opening the Future you can see the books being offered by the two presses - and sign up as a member - at the following links:

CEU Press is offering titles on the history of communism, transitions to democracy and Central European history and culture; while Liverpool UP is offering books on Hispanic culture and language, including literature, cinema, popular culture, theory and history.

All library membership fees go towards producing new frontlist OA monographs, which are freely available to all.

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